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George Hedley CPBC – Hardhat BIZCOACH Helps Contractors:

  • Get Organized, Systemized & In-Control
  • Build An Accountable Management Team
  • Grow With Higher Margin Customers
  • Always Make A Big Profit
  • Know & Track Their Numbers
  • Improve Estimating Accuracy
  • Implement Project Management Systems
  • Increase Field Productivity
  • Build A ‘Best In Class’ Valuable Company

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George Hedley CPBC Hardhat BIZCOACH

  • Certified Professional Business Coach
  • USA Business Coach Of The Year By PBCA
  • Founder $50 Million Construction Company
  • Top Construction Professional Speaker
  • Construction Business Building Expert
  • Strategic Planning Facilitator
  • Author of


You have lots of money invested in people, systems, equipment and customers. Are you getting the maximum return you should? Without an experienced professional mentor, consultant, advisor and winning business coach, decisions are nearly impossible to make alone. Working harder and doing more of what you’ve always done won’t get you moving towards achieving your goals. George can help you build and grow a highly profitable construction business!

George Hedley CPBC would like to help your company move to the next level, become a “Best In Class” construction business, and work with you to reach your long term business and personal goals.

You Can’t Build A Winning Construction BIZ Without A Winning COACH!

If you’re Ready & COMMITTED To Make BOLD Decisions about improving your business, plus have the time and money to do what it takes, let’s set a time to discuss a BIZCOACH Program that works for you.  

As George works personally with all his coaching clients, he only has availability to help those who are ready & willing to invest adequate time, dedication and money to work on their business.

This will require you to change your role and how you run your company, manage, delegate, trust others and let go of making all the important decisions.  It will require you to implement positive change to improve your bottom-line. It may also require you to invest in installing systems, building a management team, hiring the best people available, delegating decisions and responsibilities, holding people accountable, stop selling low prices to win work, going out to find higher margin customers, building loyal customer relationships, and focusing on knowing and tracking your numbers.

Need Help Growing & Building Your Profitable Construction BIZ?

For a small investment versus the big financial risk you take everyday, you can get ongoing personal coaching, advice, consulting and mentorship from a top construction BIZCOACH. George will help you make winning BOLD management decisions, make more money, build an accountable management team, focus customer sales efforts, price work properly, improve field productivity, draft a winning strategic BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Action Plan, build wealth and enhance your leadership and freedom.

George Hedley Hardhat BIZCOACH Programs & Services:


BIZCOACH Sessions with George Hedley

  • Regular Ongoing Zoom Phone Coaching Sessions
  • George Acts As Your Mentoring, Advisor, Consultant & Coach
  • 6 To 12 Month Commitment


  • Annual In-Depth Coaching Program with George
  • Face To Face Meetings & Monthly BIZCOCAH Sessions


  • 1 to 3 Day Face to Face Strategy Meetings With George
  • Management Team Builder Program
  • Estimating, BIZ-Development, Marketing & Sales Plans
  • BIZ-Systems, Org Structure & Profit Improvement Programs



Construction Business Owner Hardhat BIZGROUP

  • Ongoing Mastermind Peer Groups Meet Twice / Year


  • 2 ½ Day Strategic Action Plan Workshops Held 3 Times Per Year

Special Limited Opportunity To Be Coached By George Hedley!

  • Be Personally Coached & Mentored By George Hedley!
  • Let George Be Your Trusted Advisor & Accountability Partner!
  • Commit To An In-Depth BOLD Ongoing Annual BIZCOACH Program!
George personally mentors only a few select commercial construction company owners who are truly committed and dedicated to building a better BIZ, and are willing to invest the time, energy and money required to reach their business, personal and professional goals.
Commit to an in-depth annual BIZCOACH Mentorship Program to transform your company into a “Best In Class BIZ.” With George Hedley as your dedicated personal coach, consultant, mentor and trusted advisor, your company will implement plans to build a strong management team, achieve higher margins, win more profitable work, get organized and systemized, build wealth, and achieve the results you want.

George will take a hard look at your company objectively and let you know what you need to do to reach your goals. He will perform an in-depth analysis of your business effectiveness and systems, review your financial performance, look at your people and structure, analyze your customer targets, and help draft your BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Action Plan.

Are You BOLD Enough To Own, Build & Manage A “Best In Class” BIZ?

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