Hardhat BIZGROUP – Mastermind Roundtable Peer Groups

Exclusively For Commercial Construction Company Owners, Presidents & Principals

Tired Of Running & Managing Your Company Alone?

It’s lonely running your company alone and making every decision without the benefit and input from other successful contractors who face the same challenges as you do. Now you can tap into the advice, ideas, and wisdom of a small group of success-driven business owners in a professionally facilitated peer mentorship program. You will get ongoing coaching and regularly meet with a trusted group of advisors, like having your own Board Of Directors, who’ll help you make good decisions how to grow your business,
manage your people, and make more money.

Hardhat BIZGROUP Goal & Purpose

  • Work closely together with other construction business owners
    to exchange strategies, best practices, standards, systems,
    techniques, tips, suggestions, and ideas to improve and
    achieve each member’s business, personal and professional
    goals and results.
  • Enhance business success, make good decisions how to grow,
    improve and achieve financial independence.
  • Engage in open candid interactive discussions to improve each
    member’s company and personal lives.
  • Share and discuss business issues, situations, strengths,
    weaknesses, challenges, strategies, systems, and goals in a
    helping atmosphere of trust and confidentiality

It’s About Making The Right Decisions!

Contractors face increasingly difficult challenges, tough competition, tight labor market, and increasing pressures. By joining a Hardhat BIZGROUP, members benefit and learn best business practices, techniques, and systems from other construction business owners in our trusted confidential peer group format that meets twice a year. As a member, you’ll develop relationships with other company owners, get real answers, generate fresh thinking, learn new ideas, and develop clear perspectives on decisions you need to make.

Invest In Improving, Accountability & Coaching!

You can belong to a group of compatible non-competing commercial construction business owners in a regularly structured mentorship support accountability group to discuss and solve your issues, challenges, and opportunities. Each meeting includes education, coaching, mentoring, sharing, and action plan accountability. Plus you’ll get regular personal coaching from George Hedley as a membership benefit.

Learn & Build Trusted Relationships!

It’s a stressful job being the boss and being objective discussing important business issues with your employees, friends, and family. Each Hardhat BIZGROUP is designed to allow members to share problems, issues, or challenges; ask for advice; and then get candid input from others. By sharing, each member gets to the heart of their problem, becomes open to new ideas, receives unbiased advice, and makes necessary changes and improvements to meet their goals. You’ll receive direct honest feedback and develop action plans you can implement to improve your business and personal life.

Do You Qualify For BIZGROUP Membership?

This program is for commercial construction company business owners, principals and presidents of non-competing general contractors, subcontractors, civil contractors and specialty contractors. GCs must do $8 million & Subs $4 million minimum annual sales. Many members are well over $50 to $100 million in sales. In addition, applicants must have held a series of BIZCOACH sessions with George or attended a BIZBUILDER Boot Camp. More importantly, you must fit within the group, have a positive attitude, like to have fun, not dominate, be willing to open up and share important company details and financials, able to accept strong suggestions, and be willing to change. After reviewing your application and interview, George will invite you to join the right BIZGROUP based on your size, experience, and compatibility.

Hardhat BIZGROUP Membership Includes:

  • 2 day BIZGROUP Meetings held twice yearly at great locations
  • Personal BIZCOACH Strategy Sessions with George Hedley
  • Ability to network and build relationships with other contractors
  • Learn best business practices from other contractors
  • Access to George’s vast database of templates & knowledge
  • Group dinners, relationship building time and lots of fun
  • 15% Discount On All Other Hardhat Services