Hardhat BIZ-FIX Problem Solving Session With George Hedley


One-Time 90 Minute Coaching Session with George Hedley Via ZOOM Call



Hardhat BIZ-FIX One-Time Coaching Session With George Hedley

– 90 Minute Coaching Session with George Hedley Via ZOOM Phone Call.

Want to Solve Problems or Need A Quick BIZ-FIX?

In this fast-paced 1 time coaching session, you explain and describe your issues, challenges, problems, situations, or questions to George Hedley CPBC (Certified Professional Business Coach).

George will act as your coach, mentor and consultant to discuss the options, steps, ideas and alternatives to solve your problems or issues.

He will offer advice and proven solutions on what decisions and steps you can consider or implement to overcome your challenges, answer your questions and help take your company to the next level.

What Issues & Challenges Do You Want To FIX Or Improve?

–          Higher margins?

–          Build a better business?

–          Get organized?

–          Working BIZ-PLAN template?

–          Always make a profit?

–          Implement systems?

–          Know & track your job costs?

–          Design your ORG Chart?

–          Hire a new manager, supervisor or foreman?

–          Build an accountable management team?

–          Better field productivity?

–          Determine your financial, job cost, overhead, mark-up & profit plan?

–          Develop your BIZ-Development, marketing & sales plan?

–          Need new higher margin customers?

–          Improve your Bid-Hit Win Ratio?

–          Get your BIZ to work for you?

–          Do you need a new plan, fresh start or direction?

–          I need help! I don’t know where to start! 


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