Read what George’s clients are saying about his Presentations!

“The most dynamic.....Our attendees are still ‘pumped up’ and excited about implementing the ideas for change and growth...A great job you did...With humor and insightful direction...Terrific job!
Kate Keena, Executive Director, National Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for contributing to the success of the conference.Your presentation was good education, motivational and your interactive style was a hit. Most impressive, to me, was the homework preparation you did to customize to our audience.”
- K. Mihelich, VP, Building Officials & Code Admin.

“Thank you for the tremendous presentation. Your performance made our convention the best ever. I am being flooded with e-mails, calls and faxes complimenting me on the job you did. The content, delivery, contact before and after the presentation were all 100% TOP-NOTCH! I am recommending all other NASBP regions to contact you for their meetings.”
- Dave McKee, Program Chairman, NASBP

“You did it! You conducted an excellent, thorough, comprehensive presentation. Attendees have told me that your presentation was one of the best they’ve ever seen at an ICAA convention and we’ve been doing this for 19 years. So, hats off to you! You were excellent!”
- Michael Kwart, E.D., Insulation Contractors Assn

“Thanks again for your excellent presentation. It was presented in a concise and entertaining way. Your personal understanding of the construction industry gives your presentations to contractors the added benefit of being industry specific. I know that every single participant walked away with information and ideas they can use immediately to improve their business & had a fun time learning. “
- B. Bivens, E.D. Painting & Decorating Contractors Of America

“What a pleasure to hear from someone who has actually done it in construction, versus someone telling how to do it without actual experience. With over 20 years in construction association management, your seminar was the ultimate! Your motivation alone was worth it.”
Charles Kahl, EVP, Indiana Constructors AGC

“Your presentation was positive, insightful and entertaining. Those who attended were enthusiastic about your down to earth material and engaging style. Your personal experience and success as a contractor gave our members first hand knowledge of how to make their construction company wok for them. Your use of humor to make a point works superbly. We look forward to the next time.”
- E. Bowman, Director, Assoc. General Contractors

“Thank you for the outstanding job. It was obvious that you “captured” the crowd instantly and kept them the entire program. Your blend of common sense, innovative ideas and humor was appreciated by all in attendance.”
- Curt Peterson, EVP, AGC