Profit-Driven Estimating & Bidding Strategies That Work

Printable Version: Profit-Driven Estimating & Bidding Strategies That Work

How To Develop Accurate & Winning Estimating Systems

Workshop or Seminar

Estimate Accurate Prices Every Time

  • Calculate The Right Mark-Up For Overhead & Profit
  • Track Accurate Job, Labor & Man-Hour Costs & Burden Rate
  • Determine What To Job Charge VS. Overhead Charge
  • Bid The Right Price for Labor, Equipment & Materials
  • Use the 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Profit
  • Figure Your “Break-Even” Overhead Fixed Cost
  • Calculate Accurate General Conditions

Win More Profitable Work

  • Get Last Look
  • Be The Select Bidder
  • Get In Front Of The Decision Maker
  • Track & Improve Your “Bid-Hit” Ratio
  • Be Low Bid Using Winning Estimating Tactics
  • Get On The Right Bid Lists & Bid The Right Jobs
  • Inclusions, Exclusions, Alternates & Allowance Strategies
  • Present Winning Proposals & Win At The Project Interview
  • Effective Conceptual Estimating & Value Engineering

Profit Begins With Accurate Estimating and knowing what to charge! Making a consistent profit year after year starts by determining exactly what to charge for labor, equipment, materials, subcontractors, general conditions and overhead & profit.. In this fast-paced practical session, learn how to calculate your fixed cost of doing business, what it takes to break-even and make the profit margin you want.

Learn the 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Profit! Use advanced estimating tactics, inclusions, exclusions, alternates and allowances to improve your ‘bid-hit’ ratio. Strategies to get on the right bid lists, get last look and tactics to improve your bid odds and bottom-line profit. Set up a cost history library & job cost system to track preliminary budgets vs. estimates & actual costs. Also learn how to get in front of the decision maker, present your proposal and win at the project interview. Presented by a contractor who is an expert in estimating and winning lots of negotiated and hard bid contracts.

What They Say About This Program:

“What a pleasure to hear from someone who has actually done it in
construction, versus someone telling how to do it without actual experience. With over 20 years in construction association management, your seminar was the ultimate! Your motivation alone was worth it.”
- Charles Kahl, EVP, Indiana Constructors AGC

Printable Version: Profit-Driven Estimating & Bidding Strategies That Work