Nine Necessary Numbers You Need To Know

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Workshop or Seminar

Know Your Numbers!

1. Profit
2. Equity
3. Overhead
4. Sales
5. Job Costs
6. Contracts
7. Receivables
8. Liabilities
9. Cash

To own and manage a profitable construction company, youíve got to know your numbers. The majority donít focus on what counts most: their numbers. They spend their time getting jobs built and then hope the bottom-line numbers work out. Often, these hard working people donít like to be bothered with numbers and pass them off to a bookkeeper or spouse to handle, manage and worry about. But to be successful, youíve got to know and track your nine numbers: profit, equity, overhead, sales, job costs, contracts, receivables, liabilities & cash. Presented by a contractor and professional speaker in an easy to understand, fast paced, fun and enthusiastic style with lots of ready to implement ideas.

What They Say About This Program:

“We can count on you to deliver hard-hitting programs that meet personal growth and business management needs. Your programs inspire excellence and keep them coming back for more!”
- Pam Wagner, VP, National Utility Contractors Assn.

Printable Version: Nine Necessary Numbers You Need To Know