Improve & Maximize Field Productivity

Printable Version: Improve & Maximize Field Productivity

How To Lead, Manage, Supervise & Train Project Teams

Workshop or Seminar

Start With Effective Project Supervision

  • Set Clear Project Goals & Targets
  • Track & Monitor Progress
  • Make People Accountable To Achieve Results

Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Field Crews

  • Learn How To Motivate, Inspire & Encourage
  • Get Your Field Players To Improve
  • Work As A Team To Lower Field Costs

Improve Your Crew Performance

  • Proven Steps For Ongoing Training
  • Focused Meetings, Feedback & Reporting Systems
  • Improve Your Scheduling Systems
  • Implement A Winning Recognition, Incentive & Reward System
  • Learn Pro-Active Methods To Guarantee On-Time Construction
  • Complete Projects Under Budget, Safe & With Quality Work

Running efficient and productive construction field crews start with effective supervision. Learn how the best supervisors and foremen improve field productivity by setting clear project goals, tracking and monitoring progress, and making people accountable to achieve results. George Hedley will share how to motivate, inspire, encourage, and make your field workers want to do the best they can, work as a team, and produce lower field costs. Improve your crew performance by following proven steps for ongoing training, meetings, reporting, scheduling, recognition, incentives, rewards, and implementing pro-active methods to guarantee your projects finish on-time, under budget, safe and with quality workmanship.

What They Say About This Program:

“Your presentation was the best we have had in the last two years. It was fun, humorous & gave systems for instant application.”
- Valerie Geiger, V.P. ABC

Printable Version: Improve & Maximize Field Productivity