How to Win More Customers & Contracts

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Give Customers Better Reasons To Award Your Company Contracts

  • How To Create The Perception Of Best Value
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies That Work
  • Set Your Company Apart From The Competition
  • Build Trusted Relationships To Get Last Look
  • Improve Your Bidding Strategy & Bid-Hit Ratio
  • Become The Select Bidder and Recognized Expert
  • Get On The Right Bid Lists
  • Discover The Real Purpose For Your Bid Or Proposal
  • Learn Winning Bid & Proposal Strategies
  • Solve Customers Problems To Give Them What They Want
  • Offer More Than The Low Price Minimum
  • Get In Front Of Decision Makers By Being “LOW” Bidder
  • Negotiating Strategies To Win The Contract
  • Win At The Project Interview
  • Bug ‘Em ‘Til They Buy Or Die!

You can win more customers and contracts at your price! Being the low bidder is not enough today. To win more construction jobs, you’ve got to give customers a better reason to award your company a contract. Customers buy best value, differentiating factors, or trusted relationships. But if all else is equal, they buy the lowest price. To overcome the low bid process, you must set your company apart from the competition, improve your proposal strategy, and track your bid-hit success ratio. Learn how to become the select bidder and get on the right bid lists. Discover the purpose for your bid and winning bid strategies that give customers what they want by offering more than the minimum required by the plans and specifications. You will also learn how to get in front of the decision maker so you can negotiate to win more contracts. Presented by George Hedley, author of ‘Profit-Driven Estimating and Bidding Strategies That Work!’

Participants will be able to:
1. Implement winning estimating and bidding strategies to win more contracts
2. Give customers a reason to award your company more contracts
3. Get in front of the decision maker and negotiate to win
4. Set your company apart from the competition
5. Improve your proposal bid-hit success ratio

Target Audience:
General Contractors, Subcontractors & Specialty Contractors
Commercial & Residential Contractors
Suppliers, Manufacturers & Distributors

What They Say About This Program:

“Your presentation was informational and entertaining - a perfect
combination of hard hitting advice and challenge for excellence.
You were highly rated! Thanks for the great presentation!”
- Marilyn Murphy, Pres. Sales & Marketing Assn.

“We all agree you did an outstanding job. Your program was
entertaining and enlightening, a tough job to do well. Especially
when the audience is made up of highly successful, independent
business owners."
- John Pippin, VP Marketing, Neyra Industries

Printable Version: How to Win More Customers & Contracts