Effective Project Leadership For Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!

Printable Version: Effective Project Leadership For Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!

How Leaders Achieve Bottom-Line Results Thru People

Keynote or Seminar

Leadership In Changing Times

  • Thrive In The Ever Changing Business Marketplace
  • Try New Ideas, Change & Work Different
  • Innovate Or Die
  • Focus On Customers, Markets & Opportunities

Leaders Have A Huge Clear Vision

  • Influence, Excite & Inspire People
  • Make People Want To Follow You

Leaders Achieve Results

  • Set , Track & Achieve Written Targets & Goals

Leaders Get Results Thru People

  • Communicate Clear Expectations
  • Motivate, Recognize, Appreciate, Trust & Coach
  • Make People Accountable & Responsible
  • Delegate, Let Go Of Control & Improve Performance
  • Build A Winning Team & Lead Effective Meetings

Leaders Have An Effective Leadership Style

  • Learn The Style That Works For You
    - Big Thinker – Market Maker – Innovator – Coach - Task Master

You Have A LEADER Shortage, not a labor shortage! People want to be “lead”, not controlled or managed. Running a successful company, division, project or team starts at the top. People only go as far as the leader takes them as bottom-line results are the indicator of effective leadership. Leaders get bottom-line results through people by influencing, motivating, inspiring and making them want to follow you.

Learn How To Be An Effective Leader! Identify your huge vision, set clear targets and goals, and develop a tracking system to get the results you want. Get results thru people by communicating clear expectations, motivating, recognizing, inspiring, trusting and coaching. Make people accountable and responsible, delegate, let go of control, and improve people’s performance. Take a personal test and learn which leadership style works best for you: Big Thinker, Market Maker, Innovator, Coach or Task Master. Presented by a successful business owner in a fun and fast-paced format with lots of ready to implement content.

What They Say About This Program:

“Thank you for the tremendous presentation. Your performance made our convention the best ever. I am being flooded with e-mails, calls and faxes complimenting me on the job you did. The content, delivery, contact before and after the presentation, etc. were all 100% TOP-NOTCH! I am recommending that all other NASBP regions contact you for their annual meetings.”
- Dave McKee, Program Chair, NASBP

“Your presentation was great because you were both humorous and had many serious points. Your program gave everyone a chance to sit back and listen, learn and laugh.”
- J. Rance Smith, President Beneco Inc.

Printable Version: Effective Project Leadership For Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!