Business Tools To Boost Your Bottom-Line

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Workshop or Seminar

1. Buy Low & Still Sell High!
2. Double Every Discount!
3. Be Low & Then Charge More!
4. Buy In Bulk!
5. Get Another Quote!
6. Mark-Up Your Mark-Up!
7. Trash Your Tools!
8. Estimators Are Not Professional Visitors!
9. Finish Faster Quicker!
10. Empty Your Yard!
11. Clean Out The Dead Wood!
12. Do More to Get More!
13. Mark-Up Smaller Bigger!
14. Fire The Deadbeats!
15. Collect Your Cash!
16. Multiply Your Money!
17. Stop Giving It Away!
18. Two Heads Are Better Than One!
19. Accurate General Conditions
20. Motivate With Money!

Business owners leave lots of money on the table by not using all the tools available to maximize their bottom-line. This program will give you big business tools that you can implement and use to make more money and immediately boost your net profit margin. You will receive strategies, tactics, tricks, tips, and step by step methods that professional business owners use. You will learn how to sell at a higher price, take advantage of every discount, buy materials cheaper, get a double markup, improve field crew efficiency, maximize your tools and equipment, finish jobs faster, get rid of poor performers, use variable markup techniques, increase change order pricing, get people to make better decisions, stop losing money in the field, and add incentives that work. A fast paced, no nonsense, fun program with lots of lots of practical action steps presented by a George Hedley, builder of a $50 million business.

What They Say About This Program:

“Thank you for the outstanding job. It was obvious that you 'captured' the crowd instantly and kept them the entire program. Your blend of common sense, innovative ideas and humor was appreciated by all in attendance.”
- Curt Peterson, EVP, AGC

“We can count on you to deliver hard-hitting programs that meet personal growth and business management needs. Your programs inspire excellence and keep them coming back for more!”
- Pam Wagner, VP, National Utility Contractors Assn.

Printable Version: Business Tools To Boost Your Bottom-Line