The Business Success Blueprint For Contractors

Printable Version: The Business Success Blueprint for Contractors

Steps To Build A Systemized Company That Always Makes A Profit

Workshop or Seminar!

Get Your Business To Work To Achieve Results You Want

  • Define Your Vision, Values & Profit-Driven Priorities
  • Get Organized & In Control Of Your Company
  • Set & Track Clear Targets & Goals

Draft Your Business Success Blueprint

  • Replace Yourself With Systems
  • 7 Steps To Install Systems:
    - Financial & Accounting
    - Estimating
    - Project Management
    - Field Operations
    - Marketing & Sales
    - Leadership & People
    - Grow Equity & Build Wealth

Always Make A Profit!

  • Learn The 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Profit!
  • Calculate Accurate:
    - OH & Markup
    - L, M, E & S Costs
  • Work “On” Your Business
  • Continuously Improve

A “Construction Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner shares his proven step by step system to get your company to work the way you want it to. You can produce consistent results every time without your full time supervision. Run your business like an owner: well rewarded and incontrol instead of an over-worked, under-paid, hands-on, do-everything, make-every-decision, stressed-out control freak. Transform your company into a systemized and organized growing business that delivers bottom-line results, builds equity & wealth and gives you freedom.

Draft your ‘Business Success Blueprint’ and get your business to produce consistent results. Define your vision, mission & priorities. Set and track targets and goals for sales, overhead, profit and equity. Learn the 7 steps to create and install systems for your finances, estimating, field operations, project management, administration, accounting, marketing, sales, people management and leadership. Implement the 12 Step Formula to always make a profit and calculate accurate labor, equipment, overhead and profit markup. Create action plans to continually work “on” improving your business. Includes a detailed handout with lots of examples, systems, procedures, checklists and guidelines to organize, systemize, track, streamline and improve your business. Every contractor, builder, subcontractor, specialty contractor and supplier, large or small, will benefit. resented with enthusiasm, high energy and lots of practical ideas.

What They Say About This Program:

"Thanks…excellent presentation…concise and entertaining…Your personal understanding of the construction industry gives your presentations to our contractors the added benefit of being industry specific. I know that every single participant walked away with information and ideas they can use immediately to improve their business. And had a fun time learning."
- B. Bivens, ED, Painting & Decorating Contractors Of America

Printable Version: The Business Success Blueprint for Contractors