Accounting Is More Than Numbers

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How Construction Financial Managers Can Add More Value

Keynote or Seminar

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

  • Construction Business Trends & Markets
  • Systems, Technology & Equipment
  • Business Management, Teamwork & People
  • Suppliers, Distribution, Commerce & Contracts

How Financial Managers Can Add To The Bottom-Line

  • The Real Job of the CFO, Financial Manager Or Controller
  • Leaders Lead, Managers Manage & Controllers Control
  • How To Become A Pro-Active Financial Manager
  • Identify Your Profit Driven Priorities
  • Build A Great Place To Work

Tracking & Control Systems For Results

  • Calculate the Right Overhead, Burden, Profit & Markup
  • Bid & Track Accurate Job, Labor, Material & Equipment Costs
  • Use the 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Profit
  • Management Systems & Meetings That Make Money
  • Bid-Hit Ratio, Customer Tracking, Backlog & Cash Flow
  • Open Book Management & Incentives That Work
  • Banking & Bonding Relationship Management

Are you helping build your company’s future or reporting the past? Learn what a construction business owner really needs and wants from its’ accounting and finance department to add value and build a profitable business. A growing company needs pro-active financial leadership focusing on business priorities, controls, costs, aggressive resource management, business opportunities, making people accountable, customers, projects and people. Increase and improve your company by implementing tracking systems to calculate the right price for overhead, profit, bid-hit ratio, future backlog, cash flow, your real cost of doing business, banking, bonding and client relationships.

Learn what management really needs and wants from the finance and accounting department in order to build and grow a successful business. CFOs, financial managers, controllers and bookkeepers can become valuable assets who are an integral part of the bottom-line by providing more than numbers. Presented by a successful construction company owner and professional speaker in a practical, real life, fast paced, fun and enthusiastic style.


Printable Version: Accounting Is More Than Numbers