Strategic Business Planning
That Works!

  • Business Purpose
    • Why Are We In Business?
    • What Do The Owners & Stockholders Want?
  • Basic Organizational Assumptions About the Future
  • Key Success Factors
  • Mission Statement
  • Current Business Analysis
    • bizchart04How We Do Business Today
    • Strengths – What's Working
    • Challenges & Weaknesses – What's Not Working
    • External Threats & Challenges
    • External Business Opportunities

  • Set Strategic Goals & Objectives
    • Where Do We Want To Go & When?
  • Prioritize Goals & Objectives
  • Strategize Action Plans
    • How Do We Achieve Our Goals?
  • Implementation Plans
    • Assign Accountable Managers & Deadlines

Let George Hedley Help Your Company Reach It's Goals!

George Hedley is the Perfect Facilitator for your next Annual Strategic Planning Meeting.

  • He will help your current company owners and management team, key employees,board of directors or incoming board get focused on the current tasks and changes needed.
  • He can assist you develop a mission statement, direction and priorities for the next 1 to 5 years.
  • He will help you create prioritized goals and objectives with implementation action plans to get the job done. He will help you get everyone on the same page working together.
  • He will also help get you, your managers and leaders develop a clear understanding of their accountabilities and responsibilities required to achieve your goals and targets.

Maximize Your Strategic Planning Investment!

George Hedley will interview you and create a survey for your leadership team, managers and employees to determine the goals, results and outcomes you want to happen after the strategic planning.

From this investigation, he will custom design an 'E-Z Fax Back Survey' for all of you team to complete and return to him. As this is a confidential survey, your team will honestly share what works and what's really going on in your organization and identify areas that need focus and improvement. This input allows George to help you address the real needs of your organizational structure, people, management, customers, marketing, sales, profitability, finances, systems and operations.

strategicplanningfacilitator02George Hedley CSP
Certified Professional Speaker
Strategic Planning Facilitator

George Hedley, business owner and strategic planning facilitator, has served as President of 3 Industry Associations, Board Chairman of 2 business organizations, Vice President of several other trade associations and has served on over 20 different Board of Directors.

He has successfully facilitated over 25 strategic planning sessions for numerous small and large companies, organizations and associations.

As Vice President of the American Cancer Society, he successfully facilitated and directed a major reorganization and developed their current strategic plan. For his accomplishments, he has twice received their coveted "Volunteer of the Year" Award.

In 1996, he successfully completed a complete organizational audit of the Port of Long Beach Construction, Engineering and Planning Divisions. He made over 145 strategic recommendations for change which has been successfully implemented and has saved the Port over $100 million dollars.

In addition, George Hedley has facilitated strategic planning sessions for many Chambers of Commerce, several national Associations and State chapters and Partnering Sessions for the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers.