Executive Mastermind Peer Groups Now Forming!

Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP

Exclusively For Construction Company Owners, Principals & Officers!

Executive Mastermind Peer Groups

Tired of running your company alone?

You need a trusted group of advisors, like having your own Board Of Directors, who'll help you make good decisions how to grow your business & make more money. You can belong to a small group of compatible business owners in a regularly structured support group discussing & solving your issues.

It's About Tough Decisions & Results!

Every business owner or principal can benefit from a personal board of advisors that meets on a regular basis. Today's business executive face increasingly difficult challenges. Competition is fierce, resources are stretched, and every day it gets tougher. It's lonely running your company yourself and making every decision without the benefit and input from other people who face the same challenges as you do. Now you can tap into the ideas and wisdom of a small group of success driven entrepreneurs in a professionally lead ongoing board of directors style setting. As a member of an ongoing Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP, you'll generate fresh thinking, new ideas and clear perspectives on decisions you need to make.

Take Time For Coaching & Planning!

By becoming a BIZ-GROUP member, you'll get together with a group of business owners, principals and officers from 10 or more other companies for peer-to-peer accountability, support and direction. Members participate in 2 full day meetings twice a year divided between business training, coaching, mentoring and action plan accountability. You'll work together in a trusted confidential forum and discuss how to get your business to work, grow & profit. Plus you'll get personal phone coaching with George Hedley 6 times a year.

Peer Groups Build Accountability & Trusted Relationships!

It's a stressful job being the boss and being objective discussing all your important business issues with managers, employees, friends and family. These roundtable peer groups are designed to allow each member to share their problems, issues or challenges, and then ask for advice and get candid input. By being open, each member can get to the heart of their business problems, be open to new ideas, get unbiased advice and make necessary changes to meet their goals. You'll receive direct honest feedback and develop action plans you can immediately implement to build and grow your business.

Get Your Business to WorkDo you qualify for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

George Hedley is forming ongoing Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP peer groups comprised of qualified like-minded business owners who meet regularly to mentor, learn, get advice and grow. You'll get real answers and develop relationships with other company owners and principals who face similar challenges as you. There will only be a few of these exclusive groups facilitated by George Hedley, so sign-up fast!




Should You Join?

Trusted Advisors = Wisdom, Input, Support & Insight!

Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP roundtable peer groups are the right choice to help make your goals become reality. You'll learn from others who face the same situations as you. Plus you'll develop deep lifetime relationships. This is a principal peer program comprised of diverse companies with different experiences, perspectives and insight. You'll be integral part of an group of compatible business owners in regular structured support group discussing personal and professional issues. Topics can range from strategy, employees, compensation practices, marketing, sales, systems, leadership, life balance, or how to find a better bank.

Value, Personal Growth, Lasting Friendships & New Experiences!

Based on your company qualifications, size, competitors and location, you'll be placed in a group that will help you the most. Members are screened to insure no competitors or conflicts occur. To qualify, you must be an owner, stockholder, principal, or officer of a privately held company that has a minimum amount of annual gross sales and employees. More importantly, you must have a positive winning attitude, be able to fit in with the group, and be willing to open up and share.

BONUS! Members are entitled to bring one additional owner, principals, or officers to the meetings with them who are compatible with the group. Other company employees who are not owners, principals or stockholders can not attend without special approval. This keeps groups limited to decision makers who live and die by issues affecting their bottom-line results.

Get Professional Coaching Advice You Need!

In preparation for every meeting, George Hedley will have 6 individual phone BIZ-Coaching sessions per year with each company member to review their current issues, challenges, progress, goals and financials. From this information, a formal agenda for the next BIZ-GROUP meeting will be created. Every member will present a Best BIZ-Practice and their current BIZ-Topic or issue to get input and advice. Other members will comment and offer suggestions or solutions that have worked for their companies. This allows you to decide what action, decisions and direction you want to take and are best for you and your company.

Confidential Peer Discussions, Mentoring & Support!

Each roundtable meeting uses our professional peer mentoring system and formal ground rules to maximize the time, give you highest return on your investment and create a trusting open environment where tough and delicate issues can be explored. Each member will present their current challenge to the group. Whatever you are struggling with is open for discussion. After questions from other members, they will be offered nonjudgmental solutions and suggestions based on their experiences how they solved similar problems in their companies. Confidentiality is mandatory and no issues will be shared outside of the group.

Are you too busy working to make any money?

We know you're busy, can't find time to stop working, think or plan. It's hard to take a few days twice
a year from your everyday activities and don't want to commit. So, with this in mind, we designed our
groups to be efficient and fast-paced. Each meeting starts with a 2 to 4 hour customized educational
learning seminar based on the needs of your group. This is followed by each member's opportunity to
share their issues and get feedback. Each 2 day meeting closes with setting goals, developing action
plans and establishing accountability deadlines to get things done. Generally a group member will
Host the meeting at their office and seek input how they can improve their own operation or projects.


BIZ-GROUP Membership Includes:

  • 2 day Mastermind Peer Group Meetings held twice yearly at rotating member locations.
  • Learn how other successful General Contractors & Subcontractors run their companies.
  • Up to 6 individual Phone BIZ-Coaching sessions per year with George Hedley.
  • Group Tele-Conference Calls for ongoing support and accountability.
  • Group dinners, relationship building time and lots of fun.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Commitment & Qualifications To Join

Do I Qualify For Membership In A Mastermind Peer BIZ-GROUP?

To qualify as a member: This is a principal to principal program for decision makers only. Members must be the owner, stockholder, principal or officer of a privately held non-competing company that has a minimum annual sales of $1,000,000, 5 to 10 full time employees, and operating for at least 1 to 2 years. More importantly, you must fit in with the group, not dominate, be willing to open up and share intimate important details of your business with others, have a sense of humor and a positive attitude.

Members may also be entitled to bring additional pre-qualified owners, stockholders or officers to the meetings. These attendees also must fit into the group and not be intimidated by your presence. Plus you must make sure you can open up and share your company challenges and issues with them in front of the group.

New members are encouraged to attend George Hedley's Hardhat Profit-Builder Circle Academy in-depth two day boot camp prior to or within the first year after joining. These hands-on workshops will teach you the purpose for owning your business and help you draft your 'Business $uccess Blueprint' for success. This basic foundation will get every roundtable member on the same page and understand what it takes to get their business to work.

You Can't Win Without A Great Coach!

Every winning team has a great coaching staff. BIZ-GROUP roundtable peer group members will act as your business co-coaches. Winners know they can't do it alone and need advice, ideas, tips, support, guidance and encouragement. Coaches push you to achieve optimum performance and help you make good decisions, put in the right players and call the right plays. A coach observes what's really happening, listens to input, provides fresh perspectives, and tells you like it is. A coach helps business owners improve their leadership, organization chart, accountability, sales, marketing, pricing, management, operations, finances, estimating, customer service, production, equipment management and so much more.

Get Your Business To Work!

Business owners find it hard enough to keep pace with all the industry changes and innovations going on, let alone find time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning, team building, and do what it takes to build a business. As the market gets more competitive, being a part of a BIZ-GROUP is now a necessity to grow your company and make a profit. By being a part of an ongoing group and having George Hedley as your trusted advisor, your company will improve bottom-line profits, revenue, people management, customer service and productivity which will allow you to create equity, build wealth and enjoy the freedom and benefits of owning a company that works without your constant input and full-time supervision.


Membership Features

BIZ-GROUP Membership Includes:

Executive Mastermind Peer BIZ-GROUPS - 2 Day Meetings Held Twice Yearly

Join 10 or more non-competing, compatible, like-minded Company Owners, Principals & Officers who can work together in a roundtable setting growing and building their businesses. Each 2 day meeting will be split into educational training and accountability coaching sessions. Between the meetings, each company member will have 6 phone coaching sessions per year with George Hedley. Each member can also bring 1 or 2 additional pre-qualified company principals or officers to the meetings.

Each Meeting Includes:

  • Educational Session on Relevant Group Topics.
  • Peer to Peer Issues & Accountability Coaching.
  • Goal Setting, Action Plans & Deadlines.
  • Review of Host Member's Operations.

Individual Phone BIZ-Coaching Sessions

  • 1 On 1 With George Hedley up to 6 times per year.
  • Regular Review of your Financial Performance, Challenges, Issues, Problems & Goals.

Group Tele-Conference Calls for accountability and action plan updates

Valuable Business Training, Learning, Peer Accountability, Education & Mentoring

Visits to other member's offices, shops, facilities or jobsites to observe their operations

Copy of George's Books "Get Your Business To Work!" & "On-Purpose…On-Target!"

Qualifications & Investment:

  • Annual Company Membership Special Introductory Investment is only $______ per month . (See Payment Form)
  • Member companies can Bring 1 to 2 Additional pre-qualified Principals / Officers for additional $229 per meeting each.
  • Initial 1 time start-up registration fee is $______. (See Payment Form)
  • Members will be asked to host a group meeting at their location on a rotating basis.
  • As commitment to other Members, attendance is expected & will not be refunded if you miss meetings.
  • Travel, hotel and food expenses are responsibility of members.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee you'll receive more value than the program costs. The group meetings will be professionally run, organized, direct and packed full of opportunities for you to learn, grow, improve and profit. However, your involvement and the return you get on your investment is your responsibility. You decide what action plans you'll take home and implement. Your peer group members will give you advice and then you are accountable to make things happen.

If you are not 100% fully satisfied after attending your first meeting, we will refund your money. Just give it a try and you'll quickly discover this will make a major impact on your success. This is your opportunity to tap into the wisdom of other business owners.


Call or Email George Hedley to discuss any of your concerns and if this is right for you.

How Do I Register?

Email to set up a phone interview to discuss how this will benefit you.
Submit a completed application to determine if you qualify.



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