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George Hedley, licensed professional business coach, helps business owners, entrepreneurs and executives take their companies to the next level, develop business plans to achieve the results they want, improve their cash-flow, make more profit, implement winning marketing and sales plans, develop strong management teams, grow their business, win more customers, work smarter, manage better, improve their balance sheets, build wealth, take more time off and make better decisions.

Executive Business Coaching That Works!

Get Your Business to WorkGeorge Hedley, licensed professional business coach, 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award winner, author of bestselling book 'Get Your Business To Work!" and Certified Speaking Professional has helped 1,000's of business owners, entrepreneurs and corporations achieve their goals.



Hardhat BIZCOACH provides corporate and executive business coaching for all size companies who are stuck, struggling or successful and want to want to grow their sales, people, leaders, profits, operations, or install systems. Located in Newport Beach, California, we serve small businesses to major corporations throughout the Southern California market including Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In addition to serving our local clients, George Hedley travels across the United States as an executive business coach and certified professional speaker providing regular face to face coaching sessions, ongoing phone coaching, business-building boot camps, webinars, roundtable peer groups, strategic planning retreats, keynote speeches, businessbuilding workshops and seminars.

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George Hedley, Executive Business Coach
George Hedley, licensed professional
business coach offers FREE introductory coaching sessions for you to determine if business coaching can help you and your company.

Email George to setup your personal business phone coaching session. Send him your name, company information, website address, what issues you are facing and a few time slots when you are available to talk. Email George @ gh@hardhatpresentations.com

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You Can't Win Without A Great Coach!

Every winning athlete is surrounded by the best coaches available. Look at Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant. Championship teams also have the best coaches they can find. Look at the Pittsburg Steelers or USC Trojans football teams. Winners know they can't do it alone and need continuous advice, ideas, tips, support, accountability, guidance & encouragement.

Just like a sports coach, a professional business coach pushes you to achieve optimum performance and helps you make good decisions, put in the right players and call the right plays. A coach observes what's really happening, listens to input, provides new ideas, offers fresh perspectives, and tells you like it is. A corporate coach helps business owners improve their cash-flow, leadership, organization chart, accountability, sales, marketing, management, operations, finances, pricing, customer service, production, pricing, equipment and so much more. Your personal executive business coach will help you strategize and stay focused on what it takes to win the game.

Hardhat BIZCOACH System Will Help Get Your Business To Work!

Owners and executives of small to medium sized companies and large corporations find it hard to keep pace with all the industry changes and innovations going on, let alone find time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning, team building, and do what it takes to build their businesses. As your market gets more competitive, having a corporate business coach is now a necessity to grow your company and make a profit. By having George Hedley as your trusted corporate advisor and professional executive coach, your company will improve cash-flow, bottom-line profits, revenue, people management, customer service and productivity. This will allow you to create more equity, build wealth and enjoy the freedom and benefits of owning a company that works without your constant input and full-time supervision.

Reach Your Goals With Proven Coaching Tools!

As your personal corporate coach, George Hedley will take a hard look at your company objectively and let you know what you need to do to reach your goals. George will perform an in-depth analysis of your business effectiveness, analyze your financial performance, test your leadership profile and draft a blueprint for success. Using these tools, your coaching sessions will be very effective as you make progress and quickly improve. George will provide input as your personal coach, advisor, sales manager, training director, strategic planning facilitator, confidant and mentor. His years working with 1,000's of companies gives him the wisdom and insight to cut years off your learning curve.



Want A FREE Introductory Coaching Session?

Email or call to set up your free phone coaching session to see if coaching is for you!

1 On 1 Executive BIZ-Coaching Ongoing & Annual Programs Include:
- Face To Face BIZ-Coaching Programs
  • Coaching Sessions - Meet 1 to 3 Times Per Month
  • One On One Phone Coaching - 1 to 2 Sessions Per Month
  • Personalized BIZ-Coach Action & Accountability Plans
  • Unlimited Emails & Important Phone Calls (Within Reason!)
  • BIZ-Club Tele-Conference Coaching - Monthly Group Calls
- Phone BIZ-Coaching Programs
  • Phone Coaching Sessions - 1 to 4 Sessions Per Month
  • Coaching Action & Accountability Plan
  • Unlimited Emails & Important Phone Calls (Within Reason!)
  • BIZ-Club Tele-Conference Coaching - Monthly Group Calls


BIZ-Coaching Group Programs

Programs Include:
  • Full Day Bi-Monthly Meetings Plus 1 On 1 Phone Coaching
  • 2 Day Business-Building Boot Camps For Business Owners
  • Annual Seminar Program Meets Quarterly For Full Day
  • Regular Online Training Seminars To Subscribers
  • Monthly Group Telephone Conference Call To Subscribers
  • Networking, Training & Coaching Breakfast Meetings
  • Annual Profit-Builders Retreat
  • Customized Workshops & Ongoing Training Programs


Additional Hardhat BIZCOACH Services
  • PBCAStrategic Planning For Companies & Board Of Directors
  • Business Effectiveness Evaluations For Your Company
  • Financial Performance & Ratio Benchmark Analysis For Your Company
  • Individual Personality Profile Testing Via DISC For Your Management Team
  • Facilitator For Leadership Retreats To Develop Business Plans

Want A FREE Introductory Coaching Session?

Email or call to set up your free phone coaching session to see if coaching is for you!

Only The Best Coaches Create Consistent Winners!

You have a lot of money invested in equipment, facilities, people, customers and overhead. Are you getting the maximum return you should? What's next to achieve the results you want? Should you buy another piece of equipment, hire a new manager, fire a non-performer, promote someone, find new customers, seek new markets, install operational systems, increase field productivity, develop your management team, train more, or what? Without an experienced business coach, your next decision is almost impossible to make alone. You can't afford NOT to hire George as your personal executive or corporate business coach. He will help you decide what calls you need to call.

Do You Need Help Calling The Right Plays To Win The Game?

- How can I get my company to go where I want it to go?
- Do I have the right people in place to grow my company?
- Who or what should I get rid of to balance our budget?
- What should my organizational chart look like?
- What type of new business should we go after?
- How can I cut or control overhead expenses?
- Should I promote from within or hire a trained manager?
- How can I make my managers more accountable?
- How can we make more money in the field?
- How should I give out incentives and bonuses?
- How much money should I be making?
- How can I get my people more motivated?
- Where am I losing the most money?
- What's working and what's not?

It's Lonely At The Top!

With the fun and excitement of owning and running a company comes much stress and strain. Overwhelmed with tough questions, no easy answers, and difficult decisions, frustrated business owners delay deciding what to do about their direction, management team, customers, equipment, marketing, profits, financial reporting, investments, and growth. When you delay or postpone necessary key strategic decisions, you continue living with mediocre employees, poor results, inadequate organizational systems, and continually struggle to keep everything moving in the right direction. So act now and engage George Hedley as your business coach!

Want A FREE Introductory Coaching Session?

Email or call to set up your free phone coaching session to see if coaching is for you!


Working Real Hard & Not Getting Ahead?

Eventually you come to the realization you can't do it all yourself and need to seek some help. Unfortunately most never get off the treadmill to look for professional advisors and make time to improve their companies. This is kind of like postponing a trip to the doctor even though you know that nagging pain in your chest must be attended to before it's too late and you have a heart attack.

We all know that two heads are better than one. Guess what? Two heads are better than NONE too. You can't do it alone. You might as well be stranded on an island. The odds are less than one in ten you'll make the right decisions when you do it alone. And when you ask your managers or key employees for advice, they only give you their perspective on what's best for them, not you or your company.

Can You Handle Straight Talk About Your Company?

The best advice you can get is from outside, unbiased professionals know your business, can give you real opinions of how to improve and are not afraid of telling you the truth or hurting your feelings. Every business owner has internal challenges, external threats and tough decisions to make. Some have long time employees who have stopped being productive. Others have relatives in their company who aren't doing their share of the work. Many just can't decide what moves they need to make to make more money or find better customers. Some struggle with incentive compensation programs or basic ways to generate steady and profitable revenue. But without sound advice, these owners try to make good decisions but usually stay stuck doing what they've always done.



Let George Hedley Be Your Personal Business Coach & Trusted Advisor

- Strategic Planning Retreats
- Re-Organize Your Management Team
- Create Equity & Build Wealth
- Marketing & Sales Implementation Plans
- Find New Customers & Markets
- Financial Analysis & Profit Improvement
- Business Growth & Maximize Profitability
- Develop Accountable Organizational Chart
- Organize Operations & Install Systems
- Improve Productivity & Operations
- Goal Setting, Tracking & Monitoring
- Estimating, Pricing & Markup


- One On One Corporate Coaching Programs
- Executive Phone Coaching Programs
- Multiple Day In-Office Coaching Sessions
- In-Depth Company, Employee & Customer Surveys
- Business Effectiveness Evaluations
- Leadership Personality Profiles

Want A FREE Introductory Coaching Session?

Email or call to set up your free phone coaching session to see if coaching is for you!