Sell More Than Price

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How To Build Loyal Customer Relationships

Grow Your Business With Loyal Customers & Referrals

Keynote or Seminar

Create Loyal Customer Relationships

  • Get A Return On Your Marketing Time, Energy & Money
  • Build Trusted & Profitable Customer Relationships
  • Find & Keep Long Time Repeat Loyal Customers
  • Use A Customer Relationship Tracking System
  • Spend Quality Time With Profitable Customers
  • Stay In Touch & Show Customers You Care
  • Get Lots Of Referrals

How To Get Customers To Only Buy From You

  • Help Customers Solve Their Problems & Make A Profit
  • Add Value & Produce Results For Your Customer
  • How To Present Your Products & Services
  • Offer More Than Low Price
  • Get Last Look

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

  • How To Create A Perception Of Best Value
  • Become The Recognized Industry Expert
  • Be A Partner In Your Customer’s Growth
  • Deliver What Your Customer Wants
  • Differentiate Your Company

People don’t always buy low price! They buy the best perceived value, differentiation or a personal relationship. Today’s customer demands exceptional service, perfect quality and lots of choices. Customers expect you to give them exactly what they want, improve how they do business, and help them make more profit. Even in this competitive price-driven economy, you can become the preferred provider of products and services using proven marketing and sales ideas that work.

Learn how to create loyal customer relationships. Offer more than low price, target market, stay in touch with customers, get new customers to call you, earn lots of referrals, set yourself apart from the competition, provide added value, sell solutions, track customer contacts, show customers you care, and become a trusted partner in your customer’s growth. Presented by a successful business owner in a fast-paced, fun, and enthusiastic style with lots of action ideas.

What They Say About This Program:

“Your presentation was informational and entertaining - a perfect combination of hard hitting advice and challenge for excellence. You were highly rated! Thanks for the great presentation!”
- Marilyn Murphy, Pres. Sales & Marketing Assn.

“We all agree you did an outstanding job. Your program was entertaining and enlightening, a tough job to do well. Especially when the audience is made up of highly successful, independent business owners.
- John Pippin, VP Marketing, Neyra Industries

Printable Version: Sell More Than Price