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How To Balance Your Business & Personal Life To Get Everything You Want

Keynote or Seminar

You CAN Get Everything In Life You Want!

  • Know What You Want
  • Have a Written Plan To Get There
  • Always Track & Make Progress Towards What You Want

Balance Your Business & Personal Life!

  • Live an Active & On-Purpose Balanced Life
  • Draft Your Life Purpose Statement
  • Discover Your Passions, Gifts & Success Qualities
  • Take Control of Your Career & Future
  • Set Personal & Professional Goals & Priorities

Combine Personal Priorities & Business Success

  • Find Financial Freedom & Financial Security
  • Seek Opportunity, Take Responsibility & Risks
  • Contribute To Your Company & Community
  • Get Excited About Making a Difference
  • Become The Best You Can Be!

You can get everything in life you want!
An exciting fulfilled life starts with knowing your personal purpose, mission and priorities. Learn how to balance your personal and professional life to enjoy all of your time while maximizing the results you want to achieve. Set positive goals in balance with your personal vision as you contribute to your company, family and future. Make a difference by living a life of significance.

Design your “On-Purpose” life!
Discover what you want in life, design a plan to get it, track your progress and always move towards getting what you want. Family, friends, finances, fun, faith and freedom or business and career - you can make it happen in an organized, meaningful and rewarding way. Presented by a formerly stressed-out and overworked $50 million business owner in a fast-paced, fun & enthusiastic style with real life ideas that work.

What They Say About This Program:

“Priority Magic was FANTASTIC!!” Life is full of decisions. Written goals and a plan give direction and cause to daily living.”
- Dave Brakesman, V.P. Erin Madison Co.

“Based on the lively response at the conclusion of your speech, I would say you struck some nerves.”
- Robert Davis, V.P. CB Commercial

“Thank you for your “AWESOME” presentation today. In addition to some good information, you gave us humor & magic!”
- Ann Broderick, C.P.A. Program Chairman

Printable Version: On-Purpose…On-Target