Marketing & Sales Strategies That Work

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How To Target Market & Get Customers To Call You

Wordshop or Seminar

Get Customers To Call You First!

  • Install A Pro-Active Marketing & Sales System
  • Draft Your Customer Driven Business Plan
  • Sell More Than Low Price!

Effective Marketing Strategies

  • Develop A Target Marketing & Sales Attack Plan
  • Set Your Company Apart From Your Competition
  • Position Your Company As The Recognized Expert
  • Exploit Your Niche & Become The Market Leader
  • Create The Right Perception & Company Image
  • Reinforce Long Time Loyal Customer Relationships
  • Track Customer Contacts To Stay In Touch
  • Show Customers You Care & Get Lots Of Referrals
  • Design Marketing Packages, Materials & Brochures
  • Develop An Effective Mailing Program
  • Design A Winning Website

Effective Sales Strategies

  • Find New Markets & Customers
  • Be The Select Bidder & Get Last Look
  • Make The “Perfect” Winning Sales Presentation
  • Use Sales Tips & Tricks That Work

Get customers to call you first! An effective pro-active marketing and sales system will get customers to call you and deliver profitable revenue year after year. Learn how an entrepreneur built his $50 million business using cost effective target marketing to attack sales. Create long term loyal customer relationships, position your company as the recognized expert in your field, focus on customers to increase your bottom-line, and find new markets to increase profitable sales.

Learn what marketing & sales strategies really work! Set yourself apart from your competition, differentiate, exploit your niche, become the market leader, track customer contacts, find new customers, build your marketing package, design a winning website, develop a mailing program, create a winning image, stay in touch with customers, show customers you care, be the select bidder, win at the project interview, and discover what sales tricks really work. Presented in a fast-paced, fun and enthusiastic style with lots of action ideas to implement.

What They Say About This Program:

“I am still receiving calls regarding your fabulous address.
You were highly rated. Thanks for making the event a success.”
- Christie Schulte, Convention Manager, Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association

“The most dynamic.....Our attendees are still ‘pumped up’ and excited about implementing the ideas for change and growth...A great job you did...With humor and insightful direction...Terrific job!”
- Kate Keena, Executive Director, National Chamber of Commerce

Printable Version: Marketing & Sales Strategies That Work