Get Your Business To Work In Any Economy

Printable Version: Get Your Business To Work In Any Economy

How To Take Your Company To The Next Level!

Energetic Keynote Speech

Don’t Wait! Get Your Business Growing Now!

  • Rework your business to grow & make a profit
  • Rebuild your finances, cash-flow & profit
  • Revamp your organizational systems
  • Reenergize your people & rescind poor performers
  • Reduce your overhead & cost of doing business
  • Reanalyze your equipment program
  • Revolutionize your marketing & sales
  • Reinstall new project delivery systems
  • Refocus your project & customer targets
  • Reorganize your management team
  • Revitalize your subcontractors & suppliers

Don’t Stay Stuck With Your Head In The Muck!

  • Get unstuck, try new ideas & work different
  • Set your company apart from your competition
  • Find and create new loyal customers
  • Convert repeat customers into loyal
  • Cut your fixed cost of doing business
  • Offer more value-added services
  • Attack new business opportunities & ventures
  • Re-prioritize your business tactics & strategies

The worst is over and it’s time to face reality, start growing and making a profit. Your old business model won’t work today. You must make positive changes and do what’s necessary to get back on track and start thinking like entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs are different than most business people. They’re always building and taking their companies to the next level. They don’t get stuck, tread water or stay put in the same place doing the same things over and over. Entrepreneurs know what they want, make tough decisions and then go make it happen. In order to get your business to work, you’ve got to set clear goals, implement a proactive marketing and sales program, replace yourself with systems, get your finances in order, build a management team and get your business growing again. George Hedley, the best-selling author of “Get Your Business To Work!” and an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner, will share his proven ‘Business $uccess Blueprint’ to build your business.

What They Say About This Program:

“Thank you for the outstanding job. It was obvious that you 'captured' the crowd instantly and kept them the entire program. Your blend of common sense, innovative ideas and humor was appreciated by all in attendance.”
- Curt Peterson, EVP, AGC

“We can count on you to deliver hard-hitting programs that meet personal growth and business management needs. Your programs inspire excellence and keep them coming back for more!”
- Pam Wagner, VP, National Utility Contractors Assn.

Printable Version: Get Your Business To Work In Any Economy