The Eight Traits Of Great Companies

Printable Version: The Eight Traits Of Great Companies

What Leading Companies Do To Remain Market Leaders

Workshop or Seminar

Learn How To Become A Market Leader

  • Set Your Company Apart
  • Maximize Your Market Share
  • Improve Your Bottom-Line

Implement The Eight Great Traits

  • Develop A Passionate Purpose & Inspiring Vision
  • Set Clear Written Targets & Goals
  • Structured Organization & Accountable Responsible Team
  • Systems Run The Business
  • Know The Numbers & Make Huge Profits
  • Different Unique Focused Delivery System, Service or Product
  • Pro-Active Sales & Marketing System Delivers Fast Growth
  • Business Creates Equity & Builds Wealth

Leading companies have eight key success factors that set them apart from their competition and allow them to maximize their bottom-line. Learn how to redesign your company and differentiate it from others by implementing all of these success factors: vision; targets and goals; structured organization with accountable management team; clear focus on profitability; unique and different product or service; pro-active sales and marketing; operational systems; and the company builds equity and wealth. Presented by George Hedley, author of the bestselling book: ‘Get Your Business to Work!’


Printable Version: The Eight Traits Of Great Companies