Clear Targets = HUGE Results

Printable Version: Clear Targets = HUGE Results

How To Get Your Company & People To Achieve BIG Goals

Keynote or Seminar

How Leaders Get Results

  • Influence Others To Follow
  • Get People To Want To Do Something
  • Give People What They Want
  • Provide Clear Expectations

Set Clear Targets

  • Decide What’s Important
  • Connect Top-Line Vision To Bottom-Line Results
  • Get Focused On Results
  • Identify Clear Targets That Increase Profits

Goals & Action Plans

  • Set Clear Goals
  • Establish Deadlines
  • Develop Action Plans
  • Provide Feedback
  • Track Results
  • Add A Wager, Make It Fun & Competitive

Get HUGE results with clear expectations!
You can’t get the results you want unless you have something to shoot for! Clear targets are required in order to hit your goals every year. Learn how to get everyone focused on achieving results, set clear goals & objectives, develop action plans, track progress, meet deadlines, bring projects in on budget, and make things happen.

Set clear targets for everyone in your company to increase your bottom-line, productivity and people’s performance. BIG targets that work include: sales, productivity, overhead, job cost, cash-flow, customer loyalty, bid-success ratio, service, profitable contracts, quality, safety, technology, project milestones, employee personal development, training and teamwork. Includes ideas on incentives to enhance your success. Presented by a successful entrepreneur in a fast-paced, fun and enthusiastic style with lots of action ideas that work.

What They Say About This Program:

“The most dynamic.....Our attendees are still ‘pumped up’ and excited about implementing the ideas for change and growth...A great job you did... With humor and insightful direction...Terrific job!”
- Kate Keena, Executive Director, National Chamber of Commerce

“You did it! You conducted an excellent, thorough, comprehensive presentation. Attendees have told me that your presentation was one of the best they’ve ever seen at an ICAA convention and we’ve been doing this for 19 years. So, hats off to you! You were excellent!”
- Michael Kwart, E.D., Insulation Contractors Assn

Printable Version: Clear Targets = HUGE Results