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Welcome to George Hedley’s business book store and construction bookstore designed for entrepreneurs and contractors. You’ll find George’s best-selling business books, construction books, workbooks, seminars on CD, and other resources to grow and build your business.

George Hedley has also authored 'The Business Success Blueprint' – a series of eight business workbooks with audio CDs. Also available are building your business books, leadership and profit books, sales and marketing books, construction management books, and construction estimating books. Most of his ‘how-to’ educational business books and construction books apply to all types of companies and are full of practical ideas ready to implement.

George Hedley CSP, “The Business Builder” is the recognized expert on growing successful businesses. He is an entrepreneur and founded and built his $50 million dollar construction company and received the nationally recognized "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. Today, along with managing his company, he owns HARDHAT Presentations. As a professional motivational business speaker and construction business speaker he helps business owners and leaders always make a profit, develop leaders, create loyal customers, build wealth, and get their businesses to work. 

As an author and business building expert, George Hedley is a professional motivational business speaker, keynote motivational inspirational speaker, leadership speaker, entrepreneur speaker, convention speaker and management speaker. He is the author of ' On-Purpose…On-Target!', 'Conversations On Leadership', and 'Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit', and 'The Business Success Blueprint' series. All of these business and construction books are available in his business bookstore and construction bookstore.

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Business Success Toolbox,
All 8 kits and all 3 books


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Construction Financial Management 101
45-Page Workbook & 3 Audio CD's

Accounting Systems & Controls To Build A Profitable Business

  • Learn The 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Profit
  • Track Accurate Labor, Material, Equipment & Job Costs
  • Calculate The Right Overhead, Profit & Markup
  • Profit & Loss, Financial Statements, & CashFlow
  • Cash, Equity, Banking, Bonding, Backlog, & Receivables



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Construction Field & Project Management Systems That Work
48-Page Workbook & 3 Audio CD's

How To Make Your Projects A Success

  • Create Organizational Systems To Get Consistent Results
  • Improve Your Quality, Productivity, Scheduling & Profit
  • Project Goals, Supervision, Accountability & Responsibility
  • Project Start-Up - Documentation, Completion & Paperwork
  • Change Order Management, Meetings & Getting Paid Fast



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General Contracts & Subcontracts 101
41-Page Workbook & 2 Audio CD's

  • What To Know Before Signing A Construction Contract
  • Owner, General Contractor & Sub’s Responsibility
  • Learn What To Look For In Every Contract
  • Different Types Of Contracts, Liability & Payment
  • Your Proposal vs. The Contract, Notices, Changes
  • The Red Flag Clauses To Avoid, Disputes & Claims



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On Purpose...On Target
48-Page Workbook & 2 Audio CD's

  • How To Balance Your Business & Personal Life
  • Learn How To Get Everything In Life You Want
  • Define Success & Discover Your Passions & Gift
  • Draft Your Life Mission & Purpose Statement
  • Balance Your Life & Business Priorities
  • Set Personal & Business Goals & Clear Targets!



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Profit Driven Estimating & Bidding
Strategies That Work!

47-Page Workbook & 3 Audio CD's

Profit Driven Estimating & Bidding Strategies That Work!

  • How To Calculate Accurate Costs & Win More Profitable Work
  • Be Low Bid, Get Last Look, & Get On the Right Bid Lists
  • Improve Your “Bid-Hit” Ratio & Win More Profitable Work
  • Standardize Your Estimating System & Track Job Costs
  • Calculate Prices For Labor, Equipment, Materials & Subs
  • Determine Accurate Man-Hour & Crew Bidding Rates



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Profit Driven Leadership!
45-Page Workbook & 3 Audio CD's

  • How Leaders Achieve Bottom-Line Results Thru People
  • Get People To Do What You Want Them To Do
  • Connect Top-Line Vision To Bottom-Line Results
  • Set Goals, Targets & Clear Expectations
  • Delegate, Lead, Manage, Motivate, Train & Retain
  • Learn To Make People Accountable & Responsible



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Sell More Than Price!
49-Page Workbook & 3 Audio CD's

  • Marketing & Sales Strategies To Build Loyal Customers
  • Find & Keep Long Time Repeat Customers
  • Target Marketing, Proposals, Sales & Referrals
  • Build Long Time Loyal Customer Relationships
  • Get Profitable Customers To Call You First
  • Differentiate & Set Yourself Apart From Competition



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Work A Little, Make A Lot!
41-Page Workbook & 3 Audio CD's

  • How To Build An ‘On-Purpose-On-Target!’ Business
  • Build Your Business To Work For You
  • Draft Your Business Success Blueprint
  • Get Organized, In-Control & Install Systems
  • Set Clear Goals & Action Plans To Get Results
  • Learn To Make A Profit, Build Equity & Wealth



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On Purpose...On Target - Book

Finally! A book that challenges you to look beyond your hectic daily schedule and get to the heart of what is really important.

Anyone who struggles with lack of time, money, or direction will benefit from George's insightful, thought-provoking and life changing book. Using practical steps and guidelines, you can learn how to balance your business and personal life to get everything you want.

138 page book by George Hedley